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Many of these illustrations have been included in Grant's Atlas of. Anatomy. The first edition of the Atlas, published in , was the first anatomical atlas to. PDF | Respected Dean of College of Medicine, Subject/Distinguished Student's Efforts We hereby inform you that the third year student Hala Omar Hussein has. PDF | For medical textbooks to maintain their primacy and relevance for various editions of the eponymously titled Grant's Atlas of Anatomy.

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Grants Atlas Of Anatomy Pdf

Grant's Atlas of Anatomy (Grant, John Charles Boileau//Grant's Atlas of Anatomy) Click button below to download or read this book. Title: Grant's Atlas of Anatomy Year: Link download: Agur_Anne_M_R_-_ DR. JOHN CHARLES. A cornerstone of gross anatomy since , Grant's Atlas of Anatomy reaches students worldwide with its realistic dissection illustrations.

Agur, Arthur F. A unique feature of Grant's Atlas is that, rather than providing an idealized view of human anatomy, the classic illustrations represent actual dissections that the student can directly compare with specimens in the lab. Because the original models used for these illustrations were real cadavers, the accuracy of these illustrations is unparalleled, offering students the best introduction to anatomy possible. Over the years we have made many changes to the illustrations to match the shifting expectations of students, adding more vibrant colors and updating the style from the original carbon-dust renderings. In this edition, at the suggestion of reviewers, we have continued this trend by introducing more lifelike skin tones to provide a more realistic—but no less accurate--depiction of anatomy. In addition, almost all of these dissection figures were carefully analyzed to ensure that label placement remained effective and that the illustration's relevance was still clear. Almost every figure in this edition of Grant's Atlas was altered, from simple label changes to full-scale revision.

For the first time, clinical comments, which deliver practical "pearls" that link anatomic features with their significance in health care practice, are highlighted in blue within the figure legends. The clinical comments have also been expanded in this edition, providing even more relevance for students searching for medical application of anatomical concepts.

Grant's Atlas of Anatomy

Enhanced diagnostic and surface anatomy and images. Because medical imaging have taken on increased importance in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and illnesses, diagnostic images are used liberally throughout the chapters, and a special imaging section appears at the end of each chapter. Over clinically relevant magnetic resonance images MRIs , computed tomography CT scans, ultrasound scans, and corresponding orientation drawings are included in this edition.

We have also increased the number of labeled surface anatomy photographs and introduced greater ethnic diversity in the surface anatomy representations.

Grant's atlas of anatomy - Anne M.R. Agur, Arthur F. Dalley II

Tables—updated, expanded, and improved. Another feature unique to Grant's Atlas is the use of tables to help students organize complex information in an easy-to-use format ideal for review and study. The eleventh edition saw the introduction of muscle tables. In this edition, we have expanded the tables to include those for nerves, arteries, veins, and other relevant structures.

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The table format in this edition also received a substantial update; a consistent color code is used to clearly demarcate columns. Many tables are also strategically placed on the same page as the illustrations that demonstrate the structures listed in the tables. Logical organization and layout. The organization and layout of the Atlas has always been determined with ease-of-use as the goal.

Although the basic organization by body region was maintained in this edition, the order of plates within every chapter was scrutinized to ensure that it is logical and pedagogically effective. Sections within each chapter further organize the region into discrete subregions; these subregions appear as "titles" on the pages.

Readers need only glance at these titles to orient themselves to the region and subregion that the figures on the page belong to.

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All sections also appear as a "table of contents" on the first page of each chapter. Helpful learning and teaching tools.

John C. Boileau Grant

Students are given access to an interactive electronic atlas containing all of the atlas images with full search capabilities as well as zoom and compare features, as well as selected video clips from the best-selling Acland's DVD Atlas of Human Anatomy collection.

Students can test themselves with multiple choice questions, 95 "drag-and-drop" labeling exercises, and a sampling of Clinical Anatomy Flash Cards. For instructors, electronic ancillaries include an interactive atlas with slideshow and image-export functions, an image bank, and selected "dissection sequences" of plates.

Agur Anne M.

Grant's Atlas of Anatomy Year: Carlton G. Smith, M.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada Dr. Through his textbooks, Dr. Grant made an indelible impression on the teaching of anatomy throughout the world. Courtesy of Dr: The life of Dr. Boileau Grant has been likened to the course of the seventh cranial nerve as It passes out of the skUll: Gmnt studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh from to Here, his skill as a dissector in the laboratory of the renowned anatomist, Dr.

Daniel John Cunningham , earned him a number of awards. Following graduation, Dr. Grant was appointed the resident house offtcer at the lnflrmary In Whitehaven, Cumberland. From to , Dr. With the outbreak of World War I in , Dr. Grant joined the Royal Army Medical Corps and served with dlstlnctlon.

He was mentioned In dispatches In September , received the Military Cross In September for "conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during attack," and received a bar to the Military Cross in August With the frontline medical practitioner in mind, he endeavored to "bring up a generation of surgeons who knew exactly what they were doing once an operation had begun. Grant took interest In other projects, such as performing anthropometric studies of Indian tribes in northern Manitoba during the s.

In Winnipeg, Dr. Grant met catriona Christie, whom he manied in Grant was known for his reliance on logic, analysis, and deduction as opposed to rote memory.

While at the University of Manitoba, Dr. In Grant accepted the position of Chair of Anatomy at the University of Toronto.

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