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Target TOEIC 2nd - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Target TOEIC Second Edition PRACTICE TEST 1 Answer Keys PART 1 PART 3 1. (C) The firefighters (A) The files are arranged neatly on the shelves. Upgrading TOEIC® Test-taking Skills. TARGET. TOEIC. S e C o n d. E di t i o n TARGET TOEIC Second Edition has been designed to familiarize you with.

Is 11 oclock or 2 oclock on Friday better for you? A Yes, lets meet in my office. B I hate Fridays. C I have an opening at eleven. They are working in the womans garden. They are working near a minor road. They are working on the highway. They are working in the middle of the street. A The woman is writing something in her book. B The woman is having dinner with a client. C The woman has a laptop computer on her desk. D The woman is happy and excited. May I borrow your pen? A I just read the accounting memo.

A Id go for the candidate with the most experience. B Williams is a common family name. C Im going for lunch. Ive proofread this book, so Im going to mail it. A Wait.

I need to take a look first! B Sure, give me 10 minutes.

C The post office is on Cordova Road. I cant find the filing cabinet keys anywhere. A Its getting late. B I hope theyre not locked inside the cabinet. C Im filing the papers as fast as I can. Id like an aisle seat, please, towards the front of the plane.

A Im sorry, sir. I only have window seats available. B My back hurts when I sit in these chairs for too long. C I agree. The food was excellent last night. How many customer comment forms were turned in last week? A Yes, there was a big increase in customers last week. B I dont know. I havent counted them yet.

C Its really not fair. Id like you to type this letter this afternoon or by tomorrow morning. A OK, I can get it done after lunch. B I tried calling but got a busy signal. C Its Tuesday tomorrow. Why did you close the branch early? A There was a power outage, so I couldnt serve customers. B I had to close the branch early.

C Its a long way from here. Who is coming to the mortgage and insurance presentation? A Ian and Brian will be joining you. B I dont have any insurance.

C Theres a schedule of activities on the hall board. Where is the new accountant going to work? A Hell have an office on the fifth floor.

B Im sure hell work the same hours as us. C Its not an option, Im afraid. When did you need the budget spreadsheets by? A As soon as possible.

B I havent made them yet. C Its three oclock in London. What is he going to talk about? A He might talk for over two hours.

B It says in the program. C Ive heard he gives very interesting talks. Where has Greenford decided to put the new fax machine? A Well, he doesnt often send faxes, does he? B Hes trying to replace the circuit boards in the old machines. C He said he would put it between the copy machine and the filing cabinets. When can I get the estimates for the pamphlets?

A I dont think you can guess something like that. B Ive already sent them to your secretary. C Im sure theyll send them.

Pass the TOEIC Test: Introductory Course (Book and 130 Audio files)

Why is there a big stack of boxes over by the window? A The basement is flooded, and there was nowhere else to put them. B It does look rather heavy.

C Im off to the cafeteria. Can I get you anything? Who is our contact at Wishford? A I believe its still Andy McCarthy. B I havent contacted them for about six months. C I used to work at Wishford. Didnt I ask you to finish writing the review of the new software by Friday? A Relax, I still have a whole day to get it done. B Im using a new computer. C I have to install a new program for you. What is wrong with this computer? A Its one of the latest models.

B Have you tried using the new copy machine? C Its probably got a virus. Im really pleased with the way these leaflets have turned out. A Thank you. I designed the lettering using my PC.

B Yeah, a lot have turned out today. C I think Im catching a cold. How do I replace the toner in the copy machine? A Thats wonderful news. I knew you would. B Turn the green lever, then pull out the empty tube. C I dont think they will be making a delivery today. W Is that the new computer the office bought for you?

Toeic Reading E-Books - PDF Drive

It looks pretty nice. I hadnt realized they were going to download laptops. M Yes, I love it. Its so much faster than my old one, and I can just take it home with me if I want to get something finished instead of staying late at the office.

Ive only had it a week, but it has already made my life so much easier. W Great. Im on the list to get one, too. I cant wait to start using it. M I havent seen you in the office all week. Have you been following the recent business reports out of Asia?

W No, Ive been at a conference all week. I havent had the time. M You might want to take a look at them. There are copies in the conference room. It might be a good idea to go check them out before you start on anything else. W That sounds ominous. Something bad always happens when I leave the office for a few days. W Are you going to the meeting, or do you have too much work to do?

Wed better leave soon if we dont want to be late. M Ive got to finish typing this letter, and then Ill come. Ill probably be about 10 minutes late. W Well, if youre sure.

Ill just see you there. I dont think the others will be too pleased, though. You were late last time, too.

M I know, but I have to finish this first. M Maybe we should meet tomorrow to discuss the results of the market survey. Theyve been gathering dust on my desk for weeks. W Yes, weve been procrastinating, havent we? Id like to come up with a strategic plan for the year before the next quarter.

If we dont do it soon, itll be too late. M Good. How about at 10 in my office? Ill print out the collated results for you. W Walt, theres a call for you on line 2. It's the supply department about our paper order.

He wants to confirm how many boxes of paper you want. M Tell him Ill call him right back. Im reviewing applications for the sales position. W OK, but he needs to know today if the order is for 13 or 30 boxes. It says 30 on his form, but its a lot more than usual. M Right. Tell him Well be printing a lot of leaflets this month.

W Good morning. May I help you, sir?

M Yes, Im looking for Beckwith and Drum, the attorneys. I thought their office was in this building, but I cant seem to find their name on the signboard. I must be in the wrong place. W They used to have an office in this building, but they moved two blocks away to W. They are still using their old phone number if you want to call them. M Ive just come out of a planning meeting. The manager says we have to cut overhead costs. W What? I dont see how we can possibly do that.

Were already operating on a really tight budget. M I know, but I wonder if we can eliminate one position. Who on the staff is dispensable? W Well, I dont envy you having to make that decision. M Im sorry, maam. All flights are booked for the 12th. Can you go another day? We have seats available on the 11th and on the 13th. W Well, not the 11th, but I guess the 13th would be OK if thats all you have left. And could I have an aisle seat? M That should be easy to arrange.

M I understand youve opened a branch office in Jakarta. Hows it going? W Quite well. It was hard at first, and weve had some challenges with translating documents, but the manager has just hired some excellent local employees. M I wonder if youd give us some tips; were considering expanding into Malaysia.

W Id be delighted. Why dont you give my secretary a call, and we can set up a meeting. W Ive read it and read it, over and over, but I still dont think the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs of this letter are very clear. M Would you like me to go over it for you? Sometimes a second person can see something that you missed. W Yes, and take your time.

Id rather have it perfect even if its late. This is a very important document. PART 4. Short Talks Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following advertisement. M There are ten secrets every Mutual Fund investor should know. Do you know them? How are so many people successfully achieving their financial goals through mutual funds?

And how can you join them? Its packed with strategic information from some of the nations top fund managers. It is indispensable knowledge that even experienced investors, as well as mutual fund novices, will find valuable. Its yours free with our compliments. Yes, thats right.

No payment necessary. Just call and ask for a copy today. CD format also available. Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following message. W Thank you for calling Sportech Consumer Affairs. You have reached the Sportech customer support hotline. Unfortunately, all of our representatives are currently unavailable. To listen to a recorded message please press one of the following numbers.

For Sportech literature and product information, press 1. For retailers and factory outlets, press 2. To provide comments and feedback, press 3. To check on the status of a returned product, press 4.

If none of these address your particular issue, please press 5 to speak to a Sportech representative and remain on the line. We aim to answer all calls within three to four minutes. Thank you for your patience. To return to the main menu, press star. Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following announcement. M Ellen Wagner assumed the presidency of Auto Enterprises in , thereby becoming the first woman to head a Fortune company.

After 10 years, she moved to Washington DC, to take the position of head of the Department of Transportation, which she maintained for eight years through two sets of government administrations. She has been an inspiration to aspiring business people and an outstanding role model for more than a few of the women here tonight. As many of you are aware, she retired last year to write a book about transportation and the modern world.

I know that I, for one, am eagerly awaiting its publication. Ellen Wagner. Questions 80 through 82 refer to the following information. Now, a tour operator, Uniworld of New York, plans to take up to passengers next summer on the new Wolfgang I and II on each of two night trips it calls the Ultimate Grand Cruise. On June 27th, the vessels will leave Amsterdam headed for Constanta in Romania, passing through or along, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, and Bulgaria with stops along the way.

On July 17th, the vessels will retrace the route. This luxury cruise will be offered on a first come, first served basis, and participants will be allowed to join only one of these cruises. Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following advertisement.

M If youve ever suffered the inconvenience of having a loan or credit application rejected due to your credit record, youll know just how damaging that record can be to your financial prospects. Find out whats on your credit report and who put it there, at no charge! Your credit report is constantly having information added to it by others.

So, its important that you review it to make sure its accurate. View a list of your outstanding balances, including mortgages and loans, car payments, your overall payment history for the past year, and a summary of who has requested copies of your credit report.

This offer for a complimentary copy of your credit report is available only to you. But, you must not delay. Call right now and well send you an easy-to-fill-out release form. Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following announcement. European and Asian markets settled into a strong trend with European stocks up 4. Investors are optimistic about worldwide market prospects with signs of economic recovery taking place in Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

With the price of oil continuing its slow descent, investors are looking less hesitant and are showing more confidence in the airline industry, having sent stocks in several airlines plummeting after the first large rises in fuel costs were announced earlier this year. Questions 89 through 91 refer to the following advertisement. M Many people think this is the worlds finest showerhead, and we think youll agree. Dont be fooled by its simple appearance. Used in 5-star hotels and top health spas, this showerhead delivers a consistent, efficient 2.

It is adjustable from an invigorating needle spray to a full flood. The specially constructed plastic nozzles resist mineral build-up. It installs easily without special tools. This screw-on attachment contains a refillable water-softening mineral tablet which will give you health spa grade water each time you use it. Each tablet is good for at least 25 uses. Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following message. W Hello. This is Amanda Patel. I called yesterday to make a reservation for three twin rooms for the weekend of April 23rd and 24th.

You told me to call back today to confirm this. It looks like I have called at a bad time, as there is no one here to take my call. Umm, anyway, actually I need to make some changes to that reservation. I hope that they will be possible. First, Im really sorry, but I gave you the wrong dates. Id like to change my reservation to the weekend of April 30th, as one of our group members is unable to make the previous weekend.

Also, I would like to change the kinds of rooms I reserved. Could I change to two twin rooms and two single rooms?

OK, well, Ill call back a bit later. Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following announcement. M Attention all passengers! Attention all passengers. Due to a derailment at Oxbury Crossing, all trains scheduled to travel through the Oxbury Crossing area will be subject to severe delays.

This will affect all trains to and from London and Heathrow. However, trains to and from Greenstead and Hamilton will run according to schedule. I repeat, all trains to and from London and Heathrow will be subject to severe delays.

We apologize for this inconvenience and assure you that everything is being done to minimize disruptions to services. Passengers with flights departing from Heathrow Airport before 4 p. Please show your airplane tickets at the ticket office and we will refund your train fare.

Questions 98 through refer to the following report. Masked gunmen entered the bank shortly after it opened at nine oclock this morning. According to eye-witness reports from bystanders, three armed men, wearing Halloween masks, jumped out of a black van and ran into the bank at around 9: One of these witnesses called the police, who are now surrounding the building. Nothing has been heard from anyone in the bank, but it is believed that 10 members of bank staff and possibly 10 or 12 customers are currently inside.

No decision has been made as yet on whether to storm the bank, but members of the public are requested to avoid the Smithfield Road and 73rd Street area. A The man is running away from the police officer. B The police officer is writing a parking ticket. C The police officer is arresting a suspect. D The man is hiding behind the car. The road is full of traffic. A man is getting on the bus. The bus is full of passengers. The taxis are picking up passengers.

A The two men are fitting windows. B The two men are working on a construction site. C The two men are standing in front of a shop window. D The two men are hanging from safety harnesses. The man is talking on a public telephone. The man is talking in public. The man is leaning against a wall. The man is stretching his neck. A The man is reading a newspaper in a library.

B He is working at a store. C He is picking a book off a table. D He is selecting a book in a bookstore. A The woman is working on the stairs. B The woman is climbing up the walls of a house. C The woman is walking down the stairs. D The woman is walking up the stairs.

The bridge is empty. The man is alone on the bridge. The bridge is crowded. The street is deserted. The train doors are shut. The train doors are open. A man is waiting in front of the train doors. The train is approaching the station.

The man is confused about something. The man is confusing. The man looks excited. The man is sad about something. The three men are working together. The three men are walking together. The men are looking at a brochure. The men are taking a break.

PART 2. Questions and Responses What happened at the staff meeting?

The 20 Best Resources to Pass the TOEIC Test

A I can meet on Tuesday morning. B Theres nothing to do on weekends here. C Three people from accounting resigned. I think its going to rain today, dont you? A It sure looks like it.

B I dont know what to do. C No, I dont blame you. How was your trip? A I tripped on the stairs. B It was an excellent meal. C I had a wonderful time. Can you show me how to open this? A There are no shows on Saturdays. B First, you turn the knob to the left. C The shop isnt open today. Why didnt you finish the project on time? A He has trouble getting to the airport on time.

B It turned out to be more complicated than we thought. C The finish on your floors is just beautiful. When would you like to hold the meeting? A Id love to go to Greece. B Isnt there another place we can try? C How about on Friday? Where is there a bank near here? A On the table behind the bookshelves. B Theres one on Water Street. C Down the hall past the reference section. Did you see the letter from Duncan? A I wrote a letter a year ago. B Yes, well discuss it at the meeting.

C I heard youre from Baltimore. Who were you talking to? A Ill get the phone. B I talked to him yesterday morning. C That was Dawson, our biggest client. Are you going to ride your bike or take the bus to work tomorrow? A Ill go by bike, if the weather is decent.

B I bought a new bike recently. C I love my job. What are you going to do after you graduate? A Id like to get a job in advertising. B I attended university from to C After dinner, lets go to the library. Is she familiar with graphics programs? A Yes, Im familiar with that book. B Yes, shes got 10 years work experience in computer graphics. C Yes, I met her at a computer conference.

How long will you be gone? A For three days. B Since two weeks ago. C Before next week. When can you have these estimates completed? A They will finish construction by the end of the month. B By tomorrow afternoon, I think. C Our reservation is for seven oclock. Why were last quarters sales so low? A Were not sure, but were investigating. B The sales are always very good right after Christmas.

C Im sorry, I dont have a quarter. Oh, no. This paper doesnt fit into the copier. A I dont read the paper. B I think it fits you very nicely. C No, its too wide. Do you want to tell him now or wait until he finds out for himself? A I hate waiting for the bus. B Wed better let him know sooner rather than later. C Well, I dont think hell be there.

Where do you expect to be meeting the president? A I guess well meet in his office. B Its hard to tell with this kind of material. C Im really worried about this. Which way up should I insert this cartridge? A I think theyve stopped making those. B Turn it so the green stripe is facing up. C Havent you finished yet? Are you happy with the survey results? A They were a little disappointing. B Im very happy with our new house.

C I didnt like the new manager at all. Will you pass me the stapler, please? A Im afraid its broken. B Im open to any suggestions. C Let me know if you need any help with that. When do you think youll finish? A Yes, let me just finish this. B It took me longer than 10 minutes to finish. C Ill be done in about five minutes.

You have been to New York, havent you? A No, I prefer to eat at home. B Yes, 15 years ago. C I absolutely love traveling. Do you know Ellen? A Yes, Ive been there before.

B No, Ive never met her before. C Oh, Im sure I can help you do that. Who is that talking to the director? A Hes always gossiping about something. B Its the new intern. What are they going to do about the structural flaws? A Theres going to be an investigation. B Its giving me a terrible headache. C Its going to be a long day. Why did the Newmans cancel their order?

A Please dont tell me what to do. B Theyve found a cheaper supplier. C Im not familiar with their products. Where have you put my calculator?

A Dont blame me every time you lose something. B I have a pretty good computer. C Im going to print out this letter. Should we do the brochures in black and white or in color? A The colors are bright, arent they?

B The black and white looks a little old-fashioned. C Ill check the mail. Ive lost the agenda for tomorrows meeting.

Free download Target Score for the new TOEIC (Book + 3 Cds)

A Thats OK, I have a spare one. B I need to take a break. C Do you have a moment? M What do you think of this letter? Ive been working on it all morning, but I think its more or less ready to send now.

W Hmm, well, the first paragraph is too long, and there are a few typing mistakes. Id change those things, but otherwise it looks good. M I didnt even notice those mistakes. I like your idea to break up that paragraph.

M How do I know if the fax went through? Im not sure if I did it right or not, and I really need this fax to go through. W Well, it usually prints out a confirmation sheet, but its not working properly at the moment, so youll have to look at this display here. M Theres a green light. What does that mean? W It means it went through just fine. M When you finish that report, here are all the files for the next one we need to complete by tomorrow evening.

W Im not even half way through this first one! Cant you extend the deadline? Ive got a headache, and Ive hardly slept all week. M Ill see what I can do, but in the meantime, take some aspirin and keep working. W Good morning sir. Can I help you? M Yes, Id like a box of 50 of these blue pens with the very fine point, but I cant find them. They are usually on the top shelf near the envelopes.

W We may be out of stock, but I can order some for you, if you like. It shouldnt take more than three days. M Sure. Can you have them delivered to my office, too? M Listen, Evans is doing a fantastic job with the Price account.

We should consider giving him a raise or bonus or something, shouldnt we? W He has proven to be quite an asset. Price used to be such a problem, but Evans has really smoothed out the bumps. M Right, then well bring it up at the next meeting. W I think the overall tone of the report is good, but Ive marked your mistakes and made other corrections. M Im sorry, I did it in rather a hurry. W Next time, dont let yourself be distracted by deadlines. Concentrate and take the time you need to do a good job.

M Ill try, but I get so stressed out by deadlines. W Janet told me you quit your job. I thought you were really happy there. M I loved it, but I didnt like living in a big city, so Im moving to a small town in the eastern part of the state.

W Wow, thats a lot of change at once. M Yeah, but it feels like the right thing to do. M Madam, let me show you our latest office equipment.

You can sign up for our special trial offer on these home copy machines. W What do I need to do? M Its simple. Give us your credit card number, and you can take a machine for 30 days. If you arent happy with it, you can return it. Or, you can keep it, and well charge it to your credit card. W The maintenance division has incurred some pretty high expenses in the last quarter.

M Apparently, a lot of machines are breaking down due to age. Were constantly having to call in the mechanics. W Lets consider upgrading our equipment, rather than putting out so much for repairs.

M Well, lets look at all our options first to see what is most cost-effective. M I never realized you were so quick with numbers until yesterdays meeting. I was very impressed. W Thank you. I really like working with numbers. I probably should have been an accountant.

M Id be happy to give you some practice. Would you like to help with some of the bookkeeping? W Well, if youre sure that no one would mind Into the s, Mr. Silver worked for several firms, including Einsteins and Dale Investments, until he became a senior strategist at Martindale in He was responsible for developing the firms overall views of the financial markets. After three years, he left Martindale and co-founded Coronado Partners, where we have all come to know him and appreciate his intelligence, humor, and kindness.

He will be greatly missed. Thank you. FAA regulations state that all carry-on luggage must fit beneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartments. If your luggage does not fit, we will request that you check it at the gate. Also, Id like to take this opportunity to remind you that this is a nonsmoking flight. It is a federal offense to tamper with smoke detectors in the bathrooms.

We will begin boarding passengers with small children as well as any passengers needing special assistance. First class passengers may board at any time. Thank you and welcome aboard.

Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following message. Please press 2, then dial in the code for the form you require. At the sound of the tone, state how many copies you need. Then say and spell your full name, your street address, including apartment number, and city, state, and zip code. Also, please state your telephone number, including the area code, so that we may call if we have questions about your order.

To repeat this message, press 9. If you are not calling from a touch tone phone, you should begin speaking immediately after the tone, which will occur after several seconds of silence. Please wait for the tone. Please press 3 if you require assistance. Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following introduction. W Ladies and gentlemen, we are fortunate to have as our next speaker, an extremely talented woman. After proving herself as a hard worker, she decided to transfer to marketing, in search of a new challenge.

Soon, her true talents were revealed when she became a brand manager. Elizabeth Morgan has been very successful in the world of brand management marketing, even though it is traditionally dominated by men.

D A letter A OK, I can get it done after lunch. B Check a letter for her A Perfection is more important than serve customers. A Ian and Brian will be joining you.

A As soon as possible. B It says in the program. B A brochure on mutual funds C Call and request a copy experience. B It is free. C Consumer affairs D Star C He said he would put it between the copy B 4 minutes machine and the filing cabinets.

B She is writing a book. A 10 years A The basement is flooded, and there was D Nobel Prize winner nowhere else to put them. C A tour operator A Relax, I still have a whole day to get it B done. B The interest earned on your bank account C Your credit record is always changing. A Thank you. I designed the lettering using C Someone whose credit application was my PC.

B Turn the green lever, then pull out the A The market was weak in October. D Because of an increase in fuel costs D Broad research criteria D It states that it is used in the best health A A computer with certain specifications spas and hotels. A Delivery time and price B To soften water C To alter a reservation C A mail order catalog A 4 B She will telephone the hotel again.

C A train has come off the rail tracks. A During bargain sales B Rail travelers with flights leaving B To collect money Heathrow Airport before 4 p.

D Setting up a meeting C At the ticket office Burnham does not return their calls. A In a bank B June 2nd D The gunmen, bank clerks, and customers A Architects C People standing in the street D In these professions, men earn more than women.

A Female authors earned more than male A suggested B because of announcers. B its D grew A An ad for a loan company B highest B opportunities D Excellent interest rates on your loan C Although C who B A young couple looking for their first A addition D wealthier home A expected C about C More than 85 years D serving B demonstrable C The amount women spent on athletic D developing B information shoes in a year period. A are available D in D Spending has quadrupled in a decade.

B for A announcement A cost B effective going strong. D time C sailing B A lack of choice of styles D already B opting B To maintain contact with a customer A surpass D will have been B greatly D next Friday December 10th A on C right C According A how many their goods C are being C Despite C He no longer works for Wilcon Products. B required A biggest A On a separate form B took B working B To encourage workers to be more careful B They are more careful about safety than men.

B It may prevent them from ingesting toxins. PART 6 A These accidents are avoidable with care. B alert D recent B An instructional memo B reputation C premises D To assist employees in finding jobs they like D customers C clerks A The supervisor adds comments. A staff B convey D further B stock D 6 weeks B affected C inconvenience A A special deal on a rental vehicle C You must reserve a vehicle ahead of time.

B His application for a rental car was D Establishing copying limits rejected. C In half, starting in July A They have unreasonably high standards. A The road is full of traffic.

A Talking about a letter 2. C The police officer is arresting a suspect. B The man just needs to make a few 3. D The two men are hanging from safety changes. C He thinks they are very helpful.

A The man is talking on a public telephone. B Problems with a fax machine 5. C He is picking a book off a table. A Print out a confirmation sheet 6. D The woman is walking up the stairs. C The document has been sent successfully. C The bridge is crowded. B She feels overworked.

B The train doors are open. B More time to complete the work 9. A The man is confused about something. B The three men are walking together. C In an office supply store D They are out of stock. C An excellent employee C Three people from accounting resigned. B Improved relations with Price A It sure looks like it. B Give Evans a bonus or a raise C I had a wonderful time.

A Giving advice about managing time B First, you turn the knob to the left. B By taking his time and not hurrying B It turned out to be more complicated than C Because of stress we thought. B He has quit his job. C How about on Friday? C She thought the man liked his job. B To a smaller city C Salesman C That was Dawson, our biggest client.

D Give her credit card number A Return it B The machines kept breaking down. B downloading new machines computer graphics. C Comparing the cost of different options A For three days.

A Mathematics B By tomorrow afternoon, I think. B Accountant C She is very interested in his offer. D To order some forms B Turn it so the green stripe is facing up. D Press 4 to hear the message in Spanish. A They were a little disappointing. C A guest speaker is being introduced. D Marketing B Yes, 15 years ago.

A Elizabeth Morgan was a science teacher. A To announce a death D Coronado Partners D Three years C At an airport A To advise passengers about carry-on something. B The black and white looks a little old- B Passengers with young children fashioned. C A catalog D Skiing D Conducting Better Meetings A None B Create a financial budget for the meeting B Made a flight reservation and stick to it B Time management D Bi-monthly together.

C A shopping mall B 12 times a year D A child has got lost. C Value B Give a description of Samantha at the A This is one of the best lines of portable customer service center stereos made today. B People who have trouble sleeping C Emphasize product value D Evaluate whether your credit card serves C 3 you well B Local businesses B Get a card with the lowest interest rate C To fund projects for young people in the possible.

A People who pay the balance in full each C One Greenford youth who wants to study month engineering D Winter D Making a charitable donation in his name B He is one of their clients.

PART 5 A To thank Ewan for his efforts over the past A return D memorable year C For C Most A in D any A Before July 28th A who B hopes B He had to perform surgery.

B out A have been B His secretary C off B whether C Drilling for oil deep below the ocean D to stay C never D A stock market investor C claimed A since A Take over a Finnish drilling company D must have A lowest B Taking on more difficult drilling jobs D so B developers C 3 weeks and one day D precise A until D Drive a rental car B by D promoted B one C after A What he will be doing in each location D was asked C found B The company was recommended to him.

B long D differing B Prescription drugs for men and outpatient B loyal C entire care for women C lower B objective C Women spend more for medical services.

D inefficient A capital B precedent A lend Williams will be under no pressure to B would have A required take out a policy. B A job vacancy D Organize and produce presentations and C remind D premises seminars on management D entitled C every C Membership of a debating society D make C grateful D Her lack of experience D rate C suitable D Enthusiastic D to inform C further B The importance of secretarial work D eligible C earliest Answer Keys B Sending a member of the support staff to B Work on computers to experience problems the conference every year first hand C She thinks it is a wonderful idea.

C Providing chairs with good back support C Eric Richards D As soon as possible A Southwest Telecommunications wanted to A Samples of suitable office furniture solve problems caused by long-term computer use. C The room has been set up for a conference. C It is too dark.

A The man is painting a door. A Putting in some extra lights 3. B There are tools on the work bench. B download some table lamps 4. B The two women look happy.

B The cars are at the gas station. C The woman is surfing the Internet. C His time management skills 7. C The people are arranging papers on a table. C Edit a report 8. A The women are discussing a document. A Whether she has communicated clearly 9. B The man and women are surveying the view. B She is a better writer than she realizes. A The woman is seated on the right of one of B He thinks he has the flu. B He should have stayed home. B They are going through a quiet period. B He left his keys in the parking lot.

D Coworkers B No, she took the shuttle. A No one tried to take his car. B In June. A He hopes she likes her new job. B Long, about 12 hours. C Go straight down the middle aisle to the C May 1st back. B Shopping for clothes C Disappointed me. A With sympathy B She has been given a raise. A Walter, he wants you to call him back. A That the company makes the woman work A Sure, turn it on.

A I did. C He might lose his job. A Only five days, and it must be for a family B Return it to the manufacturer. C Worried about her job security B The last weekend in March. Is that OK? B The man is leaving. B To Edgar Winters. A Because she needs to find a suitable A Of course! Your proposal was excellent. B The same as yesterday. A I was hoping I could look at it over the weekend. D At a staff meeting D Beneath the back windows A Why? Is there a problem? B Just before noon C Two medical doctors B She is an excellent lecturer.

C Lived in West Africa B Taos Communications Wednesday. C They have new film projectors. B Morocco and Egypt. B Do you mean the red power mower, sir? B 7 days C Hold on to your hats because it will be D Mild temperatures with gusting winds or forget to do something. A There are not enough seats available. B I have no idea. This is such a mess. C Arbitrarily move passengers to a different B Drop by my office this afternoon.

B When the library is open C He is a tax accountant. B People with vision problems D Rhonda McVities B 2 A A health supplement D According to the distance transported A For three weeks C A penknife C Start with mg, then reduce it to B 70 pounds mg C Anyone interested in improving their C To announce job cuts computer skills D For a year B Twice a month C The most junior employees C A schedule of classes D Six times B Report financial transactions of a certain A That his company has not been doing its size best A They are unhappy about them.

C Call Kevin A Prevent illegal funds being channeled B To promote a new book secretly by organized crime groups A She thought the market was saturated. B To confirm a reservation for a meeting at A Anyone interested in fund management the BV Center A About 80 B The AV department and Food and B number A was held Beverage Manager C within B complex D most time.

C due to A competitive B Madrid B would be C Situated B Type the fax onto a website B on D list C A headset C hope B rather A Individuals who conduct international A proved B enough financial transactions D seemed D have changed D 5, regardless of your balance B excited C sum C Transferring funds to another bank fifteen B was A when times in a month, without incurring D Since C better charges B informative A might D from D as soon as B Passengers must fly once a month for 12 B As A have developed months.

C provide D come out B lower C reflect C A maximum of 4 B had been A essential B By calling a special phone line or C currently B on downloading the form B must D Higher B He wants a quiet room. C By telephone C The hotel is located far from the road. C resort A all-inclusive B enter A spend A March 31st B increases C installed C Pay the full amount before July 5th C prosecuted A entitled B He should have paid the full amount by D celebrate B save April 29th.

C initial C comprehensive C 3 C Telephone people who are not expecting to C To get further information A His excellent sales record B To arrange an interview competitors B Call Ms. Prendergast A Whom she can call at the cheapest rate, A She hires new employees. D The airport lounge is almost empty. D Upset and unimpressed 2. B The man is wearing protective headgear. A Very surprised 3. B There are very few customers in the store. A The company is located overseas.

A The woman is using a notebook computer. B It was too low. C Four flags are hanging from the office B Disappointed building. A It will be hard to beat. A Two businesspeople are walking past a B The new receptionist is not very efficient. C 4 weeks 7. A The man and woman are sitting next to B He needs to give the receptionist more each other.

B The man is waiting for someone. B How he would like her to send the report 9. C There is a file on the desk. D Delivered by hand D The waiter is carrying a tray of drinks. C In the afternoon A Take her to the airport D PART 2 A It will be too early for the man. A No, I have to leave by C He starts early.

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